About Us

In 2018 Rachelle Gould began Field to Fork California as a way to easily connect consumers with local food. Rachelle wanted to build a business that encompassed her passion for agriculture, community and food. Since day one, Field to Fork California has lived by collaboration over competition. By working together, farms and producers are able to reach more customers allowing them to flourish and grow. 

Locally Sourced

We only source from local farmers and producers, which means that you get access to food grown and made in your own backyard.

Hand Curated

We curate our favorite finds each week so that you can get the equivalent of shopping every booth of the farmers' market, delivered to your front door.

Certified Quality

Every producer we work with is certified just like the farms at certified farmers markets. Health and safety is very important to us and that is why we are selective on the farms that we partner with.